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7/19/2019 - Website goes online, hosted on my Raspberry Pi version 1. Content from my previous blogs, websites, and projects is consolodated here.
1/20/2020 - After switching our home internet provider from AT&T U-Verse to Comcast X-finity, my port-forwarding capability mysteriously vanished. The website was down for over a month and I finally moved it to a hosting provider.
1/16/2021 - Website moved back to my private webserver hosted on an Asus Eee laptop (one of those cute mini-laptops that were so cool in college in the early 2010's). I first tried moving it to the old Raspberry Pi, but the Pi had finally died. RIP Pi (2011-2021).
1/26/2021 - That totally didn't work. Moved website back to hosting provider.


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