Half-Life Maps

Fort Boc

Creator: Myke

Fortboc is a dramatic remake of a map from 2000. The original Fort Boc was simply a demo level Myke created to teach me how to use the different entities and functions in Worldcraft (The map editor of the day). It included a small fort and a canon that would blast down a tree. The new Fort Boc is much more geared to being a fun and interactive deathmatch map. However, it still holds to its roots. Catapults and canons aren't decorations here. They all work!

Jurassic Snark

Creator: Joe

Jurassic Snark was intended to be a complete mod with custom maps, monsters, and weapons. Unfortunately in 1999, Myke and I only knew how to map. Not enough to make mod. But the dream stayed alive. Later in the late 2000's/early 2010's I got back into mapping. I figured a mod would be too much, especially for an archaic game, but at least the dream could partially manifest itself in a map. And here it is. Special thanks to Myke for contributing to the map's custom textures.